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Cindy Greenman

Broker Associate

You actually  net more money using a

REALTOR@ vs. a discount broker or selling your home yourself:

  With Licensed Realtor@    With discount broker or for sale by owner

  List price $600,000

  Sold price $591,000

 List price $600,000 

 Sold price $543,000

  Listed price to Sold price=98.5%   Listed price to Sold price=90.5%
  Commission paid 35,460   Commission paid 24,425
  Seller's Net $555,540   Seller's Net $518,000

The truth about discount commissions and selling yourself--seller's beware!

It is a commonly held belief that if sell your home yourself or use an agent that will discount the commission you will make more money on the sale of your home. The truth is, in this business, as in every business, you get what you pay for...here is the truth that can save you thousands!

According to a study by the National Association of

Realtors:   Properties with discounted commission,

including homes sold by owner, sell on the average of

 9% less than their competition.

The facts speak for themselves. If you want to improve your bottom line net profit from your next sale--without all of the work-- call on Cindy Greenman at 708-752-5574.